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NBACP Mission, Vision, Core Values, & Strategic Priorities Overview

2019 - 2020

Our Mission:

The NBACP is committed to providing opportunities for police and public safety executives to exchange information and experiences, and to stimulate cooperative and professional relationships throughout the province of New Brunswick.

Our Vision:

Provide exceptional leadership to police and public safety services in New Brunswick.

Our Core Values:

· Service

· Integrity

· Professionalism

· Honesty

· Dedication

2019-20 Strategic Priorities 

Provincial Policing Review:  The Government of New Brunswick has undertaken a review of policing services in the province of New Brunswick. The review is being conducted by the Department of Public Safety.  Consultations began in the Spring of 2019. The NBACP and its member agencies are committed to providing accurate and timely information to the review process to ensure an accurate representation of the work being done by our members' agencies and to provide strategic insight into the opportunities that exist to improve policing services in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Police Act (NBPA) Reform: NBACP believes the NBPA needs to be rewritten with multiple changes including the establishment of a mandate for a Serious Incident Response Team.  Issues related to officer conduct, discipline, arbitrations, suspension with and without pay, are all issues that need modernizing within the Act.


Leadership Development: The NBACP is committed to the development of the leadership cadre of policing in New Brunswick.  This includes current and future leaders. NBACP will strive to hold leadership conferences and events over the next several years to foster and promote leadership development at the executive level in New Brunswick.  NBACP will also reinstate the NB Leadership awards which were previously sponsored by the Department of Public Safety.

Communication: NBACP recognizes that it can do a better job of communicating with its membership, key clients, and partners of the organization.  NBACP is undertaking a revamp of its website, changes to the format and agenda of its two annual meetings, development of an improved communication strategy, and to have prepared general points on key issues of importance to the Association.

Operationalizing Intelligence: with the discontinuation of funding for the former Integrated Intelligence Units, the NBACP recognizes a need for a new strategy to operationalize intelligence pertaining to key crime figures in New Brunswick.  NBACP membership is committed to working with the Provincial Executive Committee of CISNB and all of our partners in Public Safety to do everything we can to combat those individuals in New Brunswick who cause the most harm to our communities by virtue of their criminal activities and enterprises.

Wellness of Police and Public Safety Personnel in New Brunswick: NBACP recognizes that the employees of our respective member organizations are the greatest and most valued assets within those organizations.  NBACP is committed to providing support through professional development and key initiatives such as the Leadership Conference that will foster and support healthy police and public safety employees throughout New Brunswick.

2019-20 Issues of Continued Strategic Importance

Intimate Partner Violence: NBACP is committed to doing all it can to combat this ongoing societal problem.  We will be leaders in providing services to victims and the professional and thorough investigation of occurrences with an aim to prevention and elimination of this issue within our society.

Youth: Our member agencies will continue to focus on the well-being of youth in our communities.  We will aim to not overly criminalize and to support community-oriented, evidence-based strategies and interventions focused on fostering healthy and successful youth in our communities.

Opioids, Addictions, & Illegal Drugs: NBACP is committed to working with all partners in pursuing evidence-based strategies that reduce the harm and damage caused in our communities from drug use and addiction.

Improved Coordination of Effort: NBACP is committed to providing a mechanism to its member agencies to share information and to coordinate efforts regarding policy development, procurement, collective bargaining strategies, and operational and administrative best practices.

E-Ticketing: NBACP is strongly supportive of the establishment of E-ticketing in New Brunswick.

Cannabis Legalization: NBACP is awaiting a finalized plan for municipal police agencies on the spending of Federal funds to support legalization and all of the tangential issues created by this change.

Ethics in Policing: NBACP is committed to promoting and fostering ethics within the profession of policing in New Brunswick.

Crimes Against Seniors: NBACP recognizes that New Brunswick has an ageing population and that seniors are a particularly vulnerable sector for victimization from criminal activity.  We are committed to ensuring our members' agencies have all the tools and support to provide education, awareness, prevention, and enforcement strategies to ensure the safety and security of our senior population.

Legislative Priorities: NBACP is supportive of legislative change in the following areas:

· Impaired Driving:  stronger penalties and improved enforcement tools

· Mental Health:  As much as 25-50% of police calls have a mental health issue associated with the call.  Police have become the last line of response to people in crisis. Changes to legislation and improvements in services that provide people in crisis with interventions and services that ultimately reduce or eliminate police contact and intervention needs to be pursued.

· Motor Vehicle Act:  Stronger penalties for distracted driving.

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